Power of Diversity Lecture Series: Professor Gilbert Doho


3 p.m., Thursday, February 18, 2021
“Ethnicity and Nation-Building in Francophone Africa”

Gilbert Doho, PhD, is associate professor of French and Francophone Studies and founding director of the Ethnics Studies Program in the CWRU Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. His research area includes drama, theater and cinema in Francophone Africa. His secondary research area is culture and ethnicity. Doho endeavors to show how print and audiovisual productions have shaped and continue to shape individuals and ethnic groups in new nations of Francophone Africa.


He has contributed entries to dictionaries and encyclopedia such as The Dictionary of African Biography, co-edited by Henry Louis Gates; and the World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theater, Vol. 3: Africa. His scholarly work has been published in such journals as Africa TodayJournal of African Literature Association and Signs.

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