The Arabic Prize for high achievement in Arabic


Nadia Julia Abbass

Jacob Allen Hoshaw


The Chinese Prize for high achievement in Chinese


Eileen Huang

Wayne Hou

Hannah Quang Lee


The French Prize for outstanding work in French


Pengbo Wang

Zoe Eleni Michos


The German Prize for high achievement in German


Laura E. Stewart

Noyannika Gupta


The Italian Prize for high achievement in Italian


Anthony Grazioli

Gillian Beckman


The Japanese Prize for high achievement in Japanese


Jesse Cuelbar

Sydney Olney

Qiannan Yang

Alex Zhenzhen


The Russian Prize for high achievement in Russian


Kyle Rickert


The Spanish Prize for high achievement in Spanish


Gopal Biswas Sundaram

Emily Dexter


Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Award for outstanding achievement


Garrison Hinson-Hasty – German and Russian

Garrison is devoted to the study of languages; in particular, Russian and German. He is minoring in Russian, majoring in German, and pursuing his knowledge and proficiency “beyond the possible,” as we say here at CWRU. His scholarly search includes anthropology and cognitive science, including non-European studies. In the major, Garrison is an astute student of German, with a keen sense of cultural literacy. His GPA overall is 2.83 and in the major 3.63. He would be a worthy recipient of the prize because his academic interests bridge our sections and play to the strengths of the department as a whole.


Aaron Wise – Spanish

Aaron is a senior graduating in the Spring of 2021. He is pursuing 2 majors (Spanish and Biomechemistry), and two minors (Chemistry and Biology). He has a total cum GPS of 4.00 and of course in his Spanish major too. I was able to observe Aaron’s intellectual blossoming from the first course he took with me to the next two. I can say that now Aaron is one of my two best students. Not only has his knowledge of the Spanish language improved a 100% throughout his major career, but his analytical skills as demonstrated in his analysis of Hispanic literature and cinema places him in the top 2% of the advanced courses.


The Emile B. DeSauze Award for attaining the highest honors in modern languages and literatures


Katherine Anderson – Spanish

In terms of her academic achievements, Katherine has excelled in both her majors, Spanish and Biology.  She has attained a 4.0 GPA (Overall, in Spanish and in the Sciences), and for several semesters Katherine has been on the Dean’s High Honors Roll:  Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Fall 2020.  Katherine also received the Outstanding Junior Scholar Award for the College of Arts & Sciences.


Kyle Barclay – Chinese

Chemical Biology (BA)/Chinese (BA)/Pre-Health, GPA general: 4.0 and GPA for CHIN: 4.0. Kyle Barclay’s academic performance in in Chinese language and culture as well as in all other courses is outstanding. He significantly improved his Chinese through extremely active participation in class discussion and presentation. He did an excellent Capstone project on the Chinese medicine.


Sydney Olney – Japanese

Sydney Olney is a Japanese major and Cognitive Science major, who is currently a junior with an overall GPA of 3.875. She has a Japanese Studies GPA of 4.0 and received A’s in all her CWRU Japanese courses. She is a very enthusiastic and motivated student in both courses conducted in English and Japanese. In addition to her academic work, Sydney excels in her extra-curricular activities. She has been a Japanese language tutor for two years and teaches Japanese to children over the summer at the Mori no Ike language camp. She is the re-founding member and president of the 繋がりJapan (Tsunagari Japan or TJP) club that seeks to promote Japanese language and culture within our student body as well as the greater Cleveland community. Through weekly conversation tables, students of any language level are able to practice and learn Japanese in a friendly, immersive environment.


Kimberly Osbern – French

Graduating senior Kim Osbern has a double major in French and International Studies, with minors in Russian and Spanish. She has a 3.89 overall GPA and a 4.0 in French. She began the French major at CWRU at the 300-level, with the advanced reading and composition course, and she has now completed courses on cinema, literature, contemporary France, and the Francophone world. A self-directed student, Kim Osbern has pursued projects of her own design through three Independent Studies in French, most recently a comparative study of government responses to the pandemic in France and the United States. Her spoken proficiency in French is exceptional. Her enormous appetite for learning, and especially learning languages and using them in context, stands out in the classroom. It is also apparent in Kim’s choice to study three languages simultaneously, to find connections between them, and to seek out opportunities for study abroad. Kim’s study of Russian is also oriented towards issues in contemporary culture. She was awarded the Rocks Experiential Fellowship (CAS) in summer 2020, for a project entitled “Homophobic Legislation in the Russian Federation and its Effects on the Russian LGBT Population.” Kim was designated a semi-finalist for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program in Moldova, for which her knowledge of Russian was an asset. She was also recognized recently by the American Council of Teachers of Russian with a Post Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award (PSRSLA), which is for outstanding juniors and seniors studying Russian. Kim Osbern’s unusual achievement in the study of three modern languages, and the enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity she brings to the study of modern cultures, make her a deserving candidate for one of the general awards offered by DMLL. Tatiana Zilotina, and French faculty who have had Kim Osbern in class, strongly support the nomination


The Florence Keuerleber Prize to an undergraduate student who has seriously pursued and excelled in the study of a modern language while majoring in another area


Amulya Vadlakonda

She is pursuing a Minor in Spanish and has taken advanced classes in the language. At the same time, she is completing a Major in Biology and two other Minors: in Chemistry and in Public Health. Her cumulative GPA is 3.870 and she has won the Dean’s High Honors.


Dani Pezzuto

Dani is a graduating senior, majoring in nutrition, with the minor in Italian. She has been a consistently exemplary student, who was also awarded the Fournier Fund Student Grant by the local Cleveland organization Il Cenacolo Italiano, and VoluntarItaly by the Dante Society at the University of Michigan during her years at CWRU, as a student of Italian.


Andrea Lauren Arline

Andrea Lauren Arline, senior, Nutrit Biochem & Metabolism Major, Chinese Minor and Chemistry Minor (GPA:3.86).  Andrea consistently engaged in working independently and showed perseverance on challenging assignments.  She built on learned skills and knowledge and expressed her own clearly and appropriately.  Andrea was organized, efficient, extremely competent, and had an excellent rapport with her peers.  She effectively participated in a range of conversations in Mandarin Chinese with his teacher and peers and was an important member of group discussions.


Sofia Splawska

We would like to nominate Sofia Splawska for the Florence Keuerleber Prize for her outstanding performance in German language study, her minor, while at the same time pursuing a demanding physics major. Sofia has a GPA of 4.0, which in itself is very impressive. It does not, however, express the absolute dedication and excitement she brings to class and also shows outside of class for learning German. Sofia not only follows my suggestions for outside opportunities to practice German, but has repeatedly shared resources with me which I was then able to use in class. She also shows keen interest in culture, politics, history and economics of the German speaking world and is eager to use her language skills within the country. At the same time, her focus is not limited to the German world, but she seeks to understand cultural relations and continuities and conflicts within the multi-lingual environment of our world. Sofia is one of those students that you are just thrilled about having in your class because she is infectious with her enthusiasm and wish to learn as much as possible. She does not only want to be proficient in the language, but master it and share in the culture of the German speaking world and scholarship by going abroad. Sofia is a great ambassador for the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and the opportunities it offers, also to those who pursue other majors outside of DMLL or even the humanities. Sofia is an excellent candidate for the Florence Keuerleber Prize.


Jessica Bumgarner

Jessica Bumgarner is a Pre-Law English major, minoring in Japanese and Creative Writing. She is currently a junior with an overall GPA of 4.00. However, she will be graduating with a BA in English this semester (spring 2021). She has a Japanese Studies GPA of 4.00 and enrolled in: JAPN 101, JAPN102, JAPN 201, JAPN 202, JAPN 235, and JPAN 301 at CWRU.

Jessica is a remarkably dedicated and motivated student. She not only applies herself assiduously to her own work, but she also works selflessly and effectively to help her peers. She shows a high curiosity about the Japanese language and culture as introduced in class, deepening her skills of the language. Jessica is a re-founding member and secretary of the Tunagari Japan, the Japanese conversation club at CWRU, which encourages students of all levels to further their language skills with authentic materials by engaging in conversations with native and advanced speakers of Japanese. She has been a core member since the beginning of the re-founding, planning weekly conversation tables around cultural topics and promoting club activities through emails and websites.


The Folberth German Prize for excellence in German language and literature


Jakob Woerner

Hayley M. Devin

John Paul Mappes

Morgan Lauer

Kent Taylor


The Louise Burke French Prize to an outstanding French student


Rachel Ann Alexander


The Susie Scott Christopher Award for excellent contributions to the French program


Evan Ovid Vesper


The Max Kade Excellence in German Award


Richard John

Mohamed Otefi