The Emile B. DeSauze Award for attaining the highest honors in Modern Languages and Literatures:

Jon Foissotte (Japanese Studies)

Brian McLaughlin (Spanish)


The Folberth German Prize for excellence in German language and literature:

Melissa Miller 

Jacob Wessel


The Arabic Book Prize for highest achievement in Arabic:

Maia Saad  


The Chinese Book Prize for highest achievement in Chinese:

James Albert Starkman


The French Book Prize for outstanding work in French:

Elizabeth Spila

Madeline Yankell


The German Undergraduate Book Prize  for highest achievement in German:

Caroline Joyner

Andres Rios


The Hebrew Book Prize :

Jonathan Shabtai

Jonathan K. Meckler

Barry Teich


The Italian Book Prize for highest achievement in Italian:

Julia R. Pilla

Ann Smetona

Judith Asokwah Nkrumah


The Japanese Book Prize for highest achievement in Japanese:

Chloe Gellert

Michelle Salomon

Valerie Yen


The Russian Undergraduate Book Prize for highest achievement in Russian:

 Dennis Lindblad

Eleanor Rambo

Elizabeth Landis


The Spanish Book Prize for highest achievement in Spanish:

Maya Nayak

Emily Kiener


Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Award for outstanding achievement:

Vivian Chen (Japanese Studies)


The  Florence Keuerleber Prize to an undergraduate student who has seriously pursued and excelled in the study of a modern language while majoring in another area:

Yue Li (Accounting major/ Japanese minor)

Nathan Lovullo (History major/ French minor)


The Susie Scott Christopher Award for excellent contributions to the French program:

Laura Nguyen

Christine Page


The Louise Burke French Prize to an outstanding French student:

Olivia Taliaferro


The Max Kade Excellence in German Award:

Phillip Gruber

Stefan Roeseler