Announcing Autumn Edition of the IFFUSA@Home

We are pleased to announce that the Italian Film Festival USA (IFFUSA) will have an online Autumn 2021 Edition! Mark your calendars for the weekends of October 29 to November 20. We will announce the line-up and screening times next month.
In the meantime, IFFUSA is celebrating two milestones with a very special online screening event:
  • The Va’ Sentiero group of hikers, which you meet during the Winter Edition, will complete their trek of the entire Grand Italian Trail on Saturday, September 25, arriving in Messina, Sicily, after more than 4000 miles of trekking! We will provide a link on IFFUSA’s Facebook page to the Va’ Sentiero’s Facebook page that will provide up-to-date information on their festivities.
  • The Pigneto Film Festival of Rome, Italy, the festival gemellato (sister-festival) of IFFUSA, will successfully conclude on September 25. Their program included the section “TheWinnerIs…” with winning shorts from sister festivals, including Verdiana, which was the audience favorite of the IFFUSA’s Winter Edition.
How to watch the movies:
All movie screenings are on the MyMovies platform. Instructions:
1. Copy the code: Select the entire code of letters and numbers provided below.
2. Click on the link of the film provided below. A browser window will open with a virtual movie theatre.
3. Click on the light blue box that says: “USA IL CODICE” (Bottom-Middle of the film image). A pop-up window will open.
4. Paste the code: In the pop-up window, click in the “Codice” field, right-click and paste the code you copied in Step 1. Click on “Verifica”. This will allow you to enter in a virtual auditorium.
For more comprehensive instructions, click here.
For a video tutorial, click here.