Welcome to the Korean program at Case Western Reserve University!

환영합니다! The Korean Program currently offers two levels of Korean: Elementary First Year Korean and Intermediate Second Year Korean, for both non-heritage and heritage students.

Over 75 million people speak Korean natively in both South and North Korea. Additionally, large Korean diaspora populations living across the world, particularly in China, the U.S., Japan, Canada, Russia, and Central Asia speak Korean as a heritage language, placing it roughly 13th among the world’s 3,000+ languages.

The number of Korean learners is rising in the U.S. and globally, driven by the cultural impact of the “Korean Wave” and technological innovations that continue to shape lives worldwide. The enduring geopolitical significance of the Korean Peninsula also plays a significant role in driving the growth of Korean studies in the U.S.

By studying Korean, you will gain a deeper appreciation for Korean lifestyle and culture, which are becoming increasingly integrated into global culture. You will also acquire linguistic and cultural proficiency, equipping you with the necessary skills for careers within international business and industry, government sectors, cultural institutions, NGOs, STEM fields, education, communication and film/media studies, or further academia.

CWRU Korean 102:  Video Content Competition Awards

KORE 102 students created video skits for final oral projects.

Seollal Event

CWRU students of KASA and KSA collaborate to celebrate the Korean New Year.

Reply KASA

CWRU students and faculty experience retro-themed South Korean culture!

Karaoke Night

Korean students enjoy Karaoke night.

Pocha Night

CWRU students gathered for KASA’s first flagship event, Pocha Night!