The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures is committed to helping students become informed and liberally educated citizens of the world. Through the acquisition of language skills and cultural awareness, our students prepare for careers that have an international dimension. To that end, we strongly encourage them to spend their junior year abroad in order to immerse themselves in a foreign culture and perfect their language skills. We also run our own study abroad programs: two French programs (“The Paris Experience” and “The Montreal Experience”), one Spanish program (“The Cuban Experience) and one in Italy (“The Italian Experience”).

We work closely with other university departments and interdisciplinary programs as well as with the cultural institutions of University Circle to provide students with a broad understanding of the many opportunities that language and culture study offer. The department has strong interdisciplinary ties with the college’s programs in Asian studies, French and Francophone studies, German studies, international studies, women’s and gender studies, and world literature. Students also gain practical experience in different cultural and language environments through service learning in the Spanish-speaking and Russian-speaking communities of Cleveland.


Feminismo vs anticolonialismo: una de piratas en el cine argentino [Feminism vs. Anticolonialism: A Pirate Story in Argentinean Cinema]

Professor Gabriela Copertari will give a talk at UCLA on June 1, 2021 at 5:00pm EST. The talk will be focused on the analysis of an Argentinean-Danish film co-production and will analyze the satirical and self-referential representation of a conflict between Latin American and Europe, women and men, pirates...

LITERATURE AGAINST THE PANDEMIC: a multilingual literary reading

Come join our festival featuring various authors reading in different languages and our students and faculty reading the English translations. Our festival will take place on Friday, April 30th from 12.45 to 2 pm, and on Friday, May 7th, from 12.45 to 2 pm. Visit the website for more information. Join us...


Guest Lecture by Dr. Sachi Schmidt-Hori

The Triple Bonds: Yoshinaka and Kanehira's Last Moments as Lord/Vassal, Milk Brothers, and Lovers in Heike monogatari Guest Lecture by Dr. Sachi Schmidt-Hori Wednesday, April 14, 2021 4:00 pm EST In this lecture, Dr. Schmidt-Hori (Dartmouth College) will offer an innovative re-reading of the "Death of Lord Kiso" chapter of the medieval Japanese military epic, Heike monogatari (The...

Angel Mato Diaz


A talk by Ángel Mato Díaz Date : 03/31/2021 Time: 3:20pm EST Zoom: Meeting ID: 985 3424 7065 Passcode: 149240 Referencia biográfica   El profesor Ángel Mato Díaz es Licenciado en Filosofía y Letras (Sección de Historia) por la Universidad de Valladolid y Doctor en Historia por la Universidad de Oviedo, además de Catedrático de Geografía...