Department Representative 

Clara Lipszyc-Arroyo, Lecturer in Portuguese
Guilford 316

PORT 101. Elementary Portuguese I. 4 Units.

Introductory course emphasizing conversational skills. Students achieve control of the sound system and basic sentence structures of spoken and written Portuguese. They learn about the culture, geography, history, art, and literature of the Portuguese-speaking world. In addition to class meetings, students use online materials to complete the lab component of the course.

PORT 102. Elementary Portuguese II. 4 Units.

Continuation of PORT 101, emphasizing conversational skills. Lab component is still mandatory. Prereq: PORT 101 or equivalent.

PORT 201. Intermediate Portuguese I. 4 Units.

PORT 201 is an intermediate language course. It assumes a fair knowledge of basic grammar that is reviewed and expanded. The course needs the student to show a strong determination to engage in conversation in Portuguese, and to commit to develop better writing in Portuguese. The student learns more about cultural aspects in the Portuguese-speaking world. The course is taught completely in Portuguese. Lab component is still mandatory. Prereq: PORT 102 or equivalent.