With Cheryl Toman

FRCH/WLIT 308 or 408:
3 Credits

Three-week immersion learning experience living and studying in Paris , France . The focus of the course is the literature and culture of the African, Arab, and Asian communities of Paris. Students visit cultural centers and museums, but also study communities and speak with their leaders, attend an African dance session, and meet with French students to debate issues on immigration. The authors of the novels read in class participate in discussions. Students enrolled in FRCH 308/408 do coursework in French, WLIT students have the option of completing coursework in English. Prerequisite: FRCH 202 for those enrolled in FRCH 308/408.

For more information, contact cheryl.toman@case .edu , 216-368-2233

Assistant Professor Cheryl Toman specializes in French and Francophone Studies. She has lived and worked in Paris and parts of the Middle East and Africa . Part of her research focuses on the immigrant communities of Paris , and she developed this course in 2000, modifying it each year to present students with the most current issues on the topic.