FRCH 308/408 or WLIT 308/408: The Paris Experience
Faculty: Charlotte Sanpere, Full-time Lecturer in French (

Paris is a cosmopolitan city, bringing together immigrants from all around the world. In this course, Paris is the classroom. Students explore the multiple facets and temporalities of the “ville-monde,” made by and seen through the eyes of migrants from Asia, Africa, Russia, whether shop owners, workers, students, musicians, or writers…

Discovering the city through its rich cultural and ethnic neighborhoods, students learn about Paris constituted by influences from outside. Students visit cultural centers and museums, observe a literacy program for France’s newly arrived immigrants, conduct research on the social issues of today’s immigration and those of the past.

Those enrolled in FRCH 308/408: the course work is in French (prereq FRCH 202 or instructor’s permission), WLIT students: the coursework is in English.

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