Multicultural Spain: Christian, Jewish and Muslim Coexistence:

An important aspect of our class will be the study of multiculturalism. Why is medieval Iberia so often depicted as an example of tolerant multiculturalism? What constituted tolerance in the Middle Ages? In what sense can we speak of medieval multiculturalism? Is Americo Castro’s optimistic model of convivencia (coexistence) valid, or is Brian Catlos’ idea of conveniencia (convenience) more accurate? In this course, we will study cultural theory, medieval and modern historiography, and literature from medieval Castile to approach an understanding of medieval Iberian

This class will allow students to get in contact with the history of Spain through the study of the presence and influence of the Roman Empire, the Jewish and Muslim cultures, and religions in the Peninsula. Through literature, cinema and art students will learn how the Spanish civilization and culture developed through the years. The class will be offered during a regular semester, with a study abroad component at the end of it. Students will receive a handout about how to prepare for the class abroad. Offered as RLGN 303 and SPAN 301.


Advanced Spanish in Spain:

Three-week study-abroad intensive course that takes place in Spain. This class will allow students to get in contact with Spanish language and culture first hand.

The course combines the unique advantages of a total immersion environment in Spanish with a classroom curriculum that includes grammar review, conversation practice, and study of relevant cultural issues.  The focus of the culture curriculum is the study of Spain’s key historical moments through some of the main cities and nearby communities: their literature, visual arts, films, and music. 

While in Spain, students will visit museums, and historic landmarks, and will visit the University of Salamanca (one of the oldest and most prestigious in Europe), will attend talks by Spanish intellectuals, and participate in cultural activities.

We will meet three times during the spring semester to coordinate the trip. 

Offered as SPAN 308 in the May term.