Welcome to the Italian program at Case Western Reserve University

Students with no previous background in Italian can begin with ITALIAN 101. Then, ITALIAN 102  is a continuation of the elementary level. ITALIAN 201 and 202 at the intermediate level follow. 300-level courses at the post-intermediate level allow students to expand their language skills and knowledge of culture, history, and Italy & Italian in the world.
There is something for everyone!


La Dolce Vita Hosts Film Screening

La Dolce Vita will be screening the movie I Vampiri in Guilford House B3 at 7:00pm on October 30th! Come join us for a 1957 classic b&w Italian horror movie and eat classic Italian food (pizza, cannoli, etc). Bring a friend and dare to step into the creepy basement of one…

Pluto 2023

Free and open to the public! Q&A with award winning Italian Filmmaker Renzo Carbonera.

Coming to CWRU campus in October

Free and open to the public! A screening of La Porta dell’inferno by Michael Cavalieri.

La Dolce Vita at CWRU

The CWRU Italian cultural organization, “La Dolce Vita” provides opportunities to learn about and share in Italian culture, and celebrates the many Italian contributions.


Italian Courses

Students at all levels enjoy a rich blend of speaking, understanding, reading, and writing skills in Italian language as they explore and expand their awareness and knowledge of Italian culture, history, and role in today’s world.