JASCO Speech Contest Winner

The 2024 JASCO Speech Contest was held at the University of Cincinnati on March 23, 2024. One student from the CWRU Japanese Studies Program, Ms. Zili “Liz” Wang, participated as a finalist and won first place with her speech titled “Grandpa’s Liver and I.” Since 1999, JASCO has annually organized the Ohio Japanese Speech Contest with the aim of fostering Japanese language education within Ohio. This event serves as a platform to highlight accomplishments in Japanese language learning and to share ideas and experiences that align with JASCO’s mission of uniting Ohio’s Japanese and American communities for mutual enrichment. During the contest finals, participants presented original speeches from memory before a panel of judges and an audience. Following each speech, the judges engaged the speakers in a question-and-answer session conducted in Japanese. Recognition was given to the top two speeches in the competition, along with a special award presented in the high school student category. We extend special appreciation to Yukie Miura-sensei for her invaluable assistance in guiding Zili through the process and generous monetary support from Verne Funds and the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.