Alessandra Parry

Full-time Lecturer of Spanish

Guilford House

Alessandra Parry received a double B.A. in Political Science/Criminal Justice and Spanish from the University of Akron. During her time at UA, she enjoyed working with the Hispanic student body in order to educate and motivate other students from all fields of study to become involved with Spanish language and culture. Following her undergraduate studies, Alessandra was granted a graduate assistantship at UA for her M.A. in Spanish. Her thesis concentrated on the plight of women and their positions as both mothers and subversives during the Spanish Civil War and post-war under the Franco regime. Her graduate coursework focused heavily on Spanish and Mexican history, theatre, culture, Golden Age of Spanish literature as well as Latin-American literature and classical and modern poetry. As a teaching assistant, she taught courses in Spanish 101 and 102. She was also elected president of the Hispanic and Latino organization at UA, H.A.L.O. (Hispanics and Latinos Organized). As president, she was highly involved with educating and fostering cultural and academic relations between Hispanic and non-Hispanic students through programming, cultural expositions, invited guest speakers and other events. She is also very encouraging of her own students to develop language skills and Latin-American cultural awareness. Her Puerto Rican/Caribbean heritage plays an instrumental role in her relationship with the Spanish language and her education and experience with criminal justice and political science has helped her to become proficient in conflict management and advocacy as well. During her tenure as a full-time faculty member at CWRU, she has instructed courses in Spanish 101, 102 and 202. She developed a student lead Spanish conversation group called La hora de conversación where students can exchange ideas, thoughts, and opinions while practicing their spoken Spanish. She implements technology in the classroom to bring together her students with native speakers from all over Latin America and she is dedicated to her role as Academic Advisor and Spanish language mentor.

Outside of the classroom, she is a volunteer and community activist as she spends her time volunteering at the Hispanic non-profit agencies in the Cleveland area: the Spanish American Committee and the Julia de Burgos Cultural Arts Center. She also volunteers for the Cleveland Clinic/Rainbow Babies Ronald McDonald House. In the near future, her intention is to pursue a Ph.D. in the field of Higher Education and ultimately combine her language and advocacy skills in order to educate and serve Hispanic and Latino college bound youth in the U.S.