Program Director

Marie Lathers, Ph.D.
Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professor of Humanities


Each student prepares a program of study in close consultation with a faculty advisor drawn from the advisory committee. Students should also discuss their choice of a minor or a second major with their advisor.

FFS majors should demonstrate French language ability by completing French 201-202 or the equivalent. They will also take at least one 300-level FRCH course (see Foundations in Culture courses below).

The major in French and Francophone Studies requires a minimum of 33 credit hours in the following areas:

1. Foundations in Language (8 hours)

For students entering at the 200-level of French language, completion of French 201 and 202. Students entering at the 300-level of language study complete 21 credits in III below.

2. Foundations in Culture (9 hours)

These courses introduce students to French and Francophone cultures. FRCH/WLIT 295 (The Francophone World) is required. Beyond this, students select two courses from FRCH 316, 318, 319, and HSTY 310.

3. Electives: Related Courses in French and Other Disciplines (15-21 hours)

Students select from courses that focus on French and Francophone cultures in FRCH and other disciplines (art history, political science, history, etc.). These are chosen from the approved list (see below) and in conjunction with a program advisor. No more than 9 of these credits may be chosen from FRCH courses.


ANTH 322 Living Africa
ANTH 337 Comparative Medical Systems
ANTH 356 Mediterranean Culture and Society
ANTH 399 Independent Study (French content)

Art History

ARTH 240 Introduction to Medieval Art
ARTH 260 Art in the Age of Grandeur
ARTH 280 Modern Art and Modern Science
ARTH 284 History of Photography
ARTH 290 Introduction to the Art of Sub-Saharan Africa
ARTH 340 Issues in Non-Western Art
ARTH 367 17th- and 18th-Century French Art
ARTH 374 Impressionism to Symbolism
ARTH 379 Issues in 19th-Century Painting (French content)
ARTH 381 Neoclassicism to Realism
ARTH 392 Issues in 20th-Century Art (French content)
ARTH 398 Independent Study (French content)



ECON 372 International Finance

ECON 373 International Trade

ECON 375 Economics of Developing Countries


ENGL 290 Masterpieces of Continental Fiction (also WLIT 290)
ENGL 301 Linguistic Analysis (French content)
ENGL 368C Topics in Film (also WLIT 368C) (French content)
ENGL 379 Topics in Language Studies (when taught as Semiotics)
ENGL 387 Literary and Critical Theory (also WLIT 387)


HSTY 151 Technology in European Civilization
HSTY 201/202 Science in Western Thought
HSTY 212 Modern European History
HSTY 215 Europe in the Twentieth Century
HSTY 220 The Early Modern Mediterranean
HSTY 234 France and Islam
HSTY 250 Issues and Methods in History (French content)
HSTY 268 Colonialism in Africa
HSTY 309 Reformation Europe, 1500-1650 (also RLGN 374)
HSTY 310 The French Revolutionary Era
HSTY 313 Women in Modern European History
HSTY 314 Imposters in Early Modern Europe
HSTY 315 Heresy and Dissidence in the Middle Ages (also RLGN 315)
HSTY 332 European Diplomacy in the Age of Nationalism, 1789-1945
HSTY 348 Modern Social Thought (also POSC 348)
HSTY 397 Undergraduate Tutorial (French content)

International Studies

INTL 396 International Independent Study (French content)


MUHI 301 History of Western Music I
MUHI 302 History of Western Music II
MUHI 303 History of Western Music III


PHIL 302 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 315 Selected Topics in Philosophy (French content)
PHIL 325 Philosophy of Feminism (French content)
PHIL 399 Directed Study (French content)

Political Science

POSC 326 Comparative Constitutions
POSC 348 Modern Social Thought (also HSTY 348)
POSC 351 Modern Political Thought (French content)
POSC 366 Government and Politics of Africa
POSC 367 Western European Political Systems
POSC 370A Political Economy
POSC 373 Politics of the European Union
POSC 374 Politics of Development in the Global South
POSC 395 Special Projects (French content)

Religious Studies

RLGN 315 Heresy and Dissidence in the Middle Ages (also HSTY 315)
RLGN 341 Religion and Postmodernism
RLGN 374 Reformation Europe, 1500-1650 (also HSTY 309)
RLGN 392 Independent Study (French content)


THTR 229 Theater History II (also WLIT 229)
THTR 329 Dramatic Literature (French content)
THTR 399 Independent Study (French content)

World Literature

WLIT 211 World Literature I
WLIT 212 World Literature II
WLIT 229 Theater History II (also THTR 229)
WLIT 290 Masterpieces of Continental Fiction (also ENGL 290)
WLIT 300 The City In Literature (French content)
WLIT 368C Topics in Film (also ENGL 368C) (French content)
WLIT 390 Topics in World Literature (French content)
WLIT 399 Independent Study (French content)

Courses offered in a given semester with a French and Francophone Studies component are posted in Guilford House at registration time and on the FFS Web site.


The minor requires 15-17 credits. Students entering at the 200 level of language competence take 201, 202, and three more courses in FRCH and from the approved list. At least 6 credits should be taken in disciplines other than FRCH. Students entering at the 300 level of language competence take five courses at the 200 and 300 levels in FRCH and from the approved list. At least 3 credits should be in courses from FRCH taught in the French language, and at least 6 credits should be taken in disciplines other than FRCH.

Teacher Licensure Option

Students participating in the teacher licensure program complete a 45- to 47-hour major in French, including course work in French language, culture, and literature, and a 35-hour sequence in professional education. Course work in French begins in the freshman year with a language course appropriate to the student’s proficiency level and continues until the student has completed a range of upper-level courses and has met the goals of the program. Students are strongly urged to complete some of their course work in a French-speaking country and are assisted in identifying opportunities for study abroad. Interested students should contact Professor Marie Lathers.

Subject area requirements:

Select from FRCH 201*, 202*, 308**, 310, 311, 314, 315**, 316, 317, 318, 319, 320, 321**, 331**, 341**, 351**, 361**, 371**, 372**, 373**, 374**, 375**, 376**, 377**, 398**, 399**

*Required only for students who begin their French major at the intermediate level

**Students at the intermediate (200) level select five courses (15 credit hours); students entering the program at the advanced (300) level select seven courses (21 credit hours).