A former CHIN380/381 student with a double major in Chinese and Chemical Biology, Kyle W. Barclay  (CWRU ’21), has been accepted into the Fulbright Taiwan English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) Program.  This fully funded grant program is a collaborative effort between the United States and the host country, Taiwan.  The program promotes not only English language learning but also cross-cultural exchange.  Kyle will be teaching English and sharing American culture with elementary and middle school children throughout Taiwan for 11 months.  He will also collaborate with local Taiwanese teachers and incorporate cultural lessons into their curricula to help broaden student perspectives on the world.  Kyle speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently and can read and write Chinese very well.  He will be leaving for Taiwan this upcoming August.  Kyle is very much looking forward to the opportunity to interact with Taiwanese students as an English teacher, as well as immerse himself in a different culture to elevate his Mandarin Chinese skills to a new level.  Kyle W. Barclay was a student of Chinese Lecturer, Crystal Myhre.

Kyle W. Barclay (CWRU ’21)